Why have I created a Substack?

For all the famed intelligence of homo sapiens, they are so predictable, like a robot. Those who try to step away from this predictable behaviour and do something different are named after San Antonio Mayor Samuel Augustus Maverick.

Almost two decades ago, everyone had a Blogspot. A couple years after, everyone was on this thing called Yahoo! Messenger then Facebook, Wordpress, then…

Sapiens never learn from history. During the 2020 Pandemic, everyone rushed to a new app called Clubhouse; it was the next big thing and will revolutionize social media they said. Some even sold invites, barely one year later, no one cares about the app. Disruption? Meh.

They think substack is also the next big thing in Publishing, just like Medium before it was billed to be. Oh, Gawker too. In what is now called the Creator Economy, substack is billed to be a major player.

I have lived through these predictions and participated in them. I was active in those famed Messenger chat rooms from the early 2000s, everyone is on Facebook (even if I haven’t really been active in donkey years). I had a Wordpress blog and actively ran it for the best part of eight years, created a Clubhouse account and now I have created a Substack too.

I have simply created a Substack because it’s the rave of the moment. Actually, because I also have views worth sharing. You see, before I got busied by Babylon, I used to write for a living. Perhaps, Substack is a way to revive writing, but as leisure. So nothing technical or pristine here, I am not a professional.

It’s called my Bedside because I will be penning these thoughts casually from my Bedside and expect that you read them from your bedside after a long day. I will write about things I think about, things I read and things I hear. Sometimes, these thoughts will be coherently arranged, other times, not so much but will there be a couple things to learn? Perhaps, even if not from me but from the numerous hyperlinks I will include. Either ways, always true.

Oh yes, my name is Miracle Roch so I chose to go the way of the Sapiens and not Samuel’s (insert dry joke).

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Always True.

Miracle Roch.

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